Do you know what matters most to you? What really matters, not what others say should matter.

Do you want to be taken more seriously as a leader at work?

Do you sometimes feel your contributions are dismissed or unappreciated? That YOU are dismissed or unappreciated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

Click here to request a worksheet that will help you develop your own “Cowgirl’s Code” and become the kind of leader you’d happily follow—even if you never touch a horse or buy the boots.

My Cowgirl’s Code

Be courageous. Saddle up and ride.

Recognize divine moments within imperfect rides.

Be open to the teachers and lessons in every pasture and on every trail.

Invite others to come along, especially when it’s risky to ride solo.

Mind your fences. Protect pastures from overgrazing.

Respect other’s fences. Don’t expect neighbours to feed your livestock.

Travel the trail of integrity. Honour commitments to yourself and others.



Embrace Your Inner Cowgirl

Are you making progress towards your goals and dreams?

Do you ever feel disrespected or unappreciated?

Are your actions aligned with your values?

Allow us support you in creating clarity and peace of mind. 

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