Compassionate Self- Leadership 


  • Do you hesitate to step into leadership roles because you worry people won’t like you?
  • Do you want to be taken more seriously as a leader at work? With friends and family?
  • Do you sometimes feel your contributions are dismissed or unappreciated? That YOU are dismissed or unappreciated?

Are you ready to step into a larger life and:

  • stand out from the crowd unapologetically?
  • step into a life of achievement that is aligned with your values?
  • make a difference with your gifts and create a brighter future for others?

You’re in the right place.

Anatomy of a Powerful Presentation - FREE

  • Do you hesitate to tell your story or express your opinions?
  • Are you ready to learn how to confidently speak your mind in a conversation or take the stage to influence, educate, or entertain an audience?

This FREE introductory short course will give you the basic skills to step forward and speak your truth more confidently in only about an hour.

Leader or Boss?

I had a pair of brothers in my herd of horses. Colorado got the first pile of hay and moved all the others from pile to pile, searching for the best one. He was the boss, and the others avoided his teeth and hooves.

Colorado’s younger brother Ricky got along with everyone. The others went for water when Ricky did and grazed near him in the pasture. When I went out to halter a horse, if I brought Colorado in, the others seemed glad to be rid of him. If I caught Ricky up, all the others followed him in.

Colorado may have been the boss, but Ricky was a leader. The others felt safe near Ricky and sought out his companionship. I believe many women avoid leadership because they don’t recognize the true leadership qualities of Ricky, and instead worry that they need to be like Colorado to lead. Like horses, people look to their leaders for safety. All leadership starts with knowing that you can keep yourself safe. Only then can you lead others.

Our Programs

Our in-person and online exercises are designed to help you tap into your unique strengths and build the skills you need to tackle any challenge with grace and poise. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively at home and at work, set boundaries, and trust your instincts, all while having a blast and connecting with other like-minded women.

You will develop the courage and resilience you need to succeed. Redefine and demonstrate leadership for yourself and those you care about. Pull on your virtual or actual boots and join us for an unforgettable journey from people-pleaser to cowgirl confidence and compassionate leadership.

The Cowgirl’s Code

Traditional values for troubled times


No one consciously chooses to follow a bully.

Watch as Jocelyn leads Jalapeño through the dance of leadership, waiting for him to get to a place where he is open to influence.

Embrace Your Inner Cowgirl


Events are held primarily, though not exclusively, in southern Alberta.

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