“Recognize divine moments within imperfect rides.” 

– TheCowgirlsCode.com

📷 photo credit @JenThorpe with @crocuscowgirlcreations

Have you ever been so afraid to make a mistake that you missed an opportunity? Do you get frustrated with yourself for not taking a chance and stepping forward?

I know I have, many times.

When I did step up and didn’t do things perfectly, I got stuck at the mistake and made a bunch more because my mind hadn’t moved past the error. This didn’t turn out well for me.

When leading a workshop for aspiring speakers, I tell them my stories. I share that even after thirty years of showing horses in thousands of classes (and winning reasonably often), I can honestly say I only ever had two rides that I felt were near perfect. The same can be said for my speaking engagements. I’ve delivered hundreds of speeches, but never a perfect one. 

You don’t have to be perfect to be successful.

When you step up on the podium, no one else sees your script. Only you know when you didn’t deliver it exactly as written. Knowing your material well allows you to deviate somewhat to meet the needs of the audience that shows up that day. If you are stuck to a perfectly prepared script, you may miss an opportunity to truly engage someone . Also, you may make a mistake somewhere (like I always do), and if you are aiming for perfection, you may get stuck at the error rather than staying present and moving forward.

 Life is filled with opportunities to move into a zone of growth. 

When is the last time you sucked at doing something and began a journey to learning how to do it better? Why not try today?

 “Recognize divine moments within imperfect rides.” – TheCowgirlsCode.com

Jocelyn Hastie


📷 photo credit @JenThorpe with @crocuscowgirlcreations

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