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Become a compassionate leader.

Align actions and values.

Standing ovation for Sandra Lamouche

Six hour-long on-line workshops for only $297. Limited time BOGO offer!

Do you feel called towards something bigger?

Do you yearn for a life where success is defined beyond achievement? A life rich in meaning, with flowing prosperity, aligned with your soul’s purpose, connection to a higher power, rich friendships, deep intimacy, fun, creativity and play, thriving health and self-care.
A life where you’re making a difference with your gifts and creating a brighter future for others with your life energy.

Together, we will explore the skills that will lead us to compassionate self-leadership and self-actualization, beginning with the foundations of self-awareness and self-expression.  Effective leaders in the horse world are those that keep the herd safe. The same can be said of people.

Every other month, we will roll out a new on-line program with six weekly modules including live on-line discussions and workshops to allow us to collaborate and support one another.

Discounts for:

  • six month programs (including 3 courses)
  • year-long programs (6 courses)
  • private coaching
  • mini-retreats

Standing ovation for Sandra Lamouche

Optional on-line 3 hour workshop for only $97. Limited time BOGO offer!

  • Do you hesitate to tell your story or express your opinions?
  • Are you ready to learn how to confidently speak your mind in a conversation or take the stage to influence, educate, or entertain an audience?

This introductory short course will give you the basic skills to step forward and speak your truth more confidently in only about an hour.

Mini-Retreats to the Country – Spring, 2024

  • This escape is all about you!
  • Experience the peace of the country in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Examine the connection to your own personal values.
  • Learn to draw and defend your personal boundaries.
  • First or third Saturday each month, beginning June 4 and 18.
  • Arrive at 11:30 for a light lunch (included). Workshop starts at 12:15.
  • Participation limited to 16 participants.
  • Cost is $297 for a solo participant. Bring a friend -$497 for two participants.

Add an Equine Experience to the Mini-Retreat

Learn to centre and ground yourself to create a deep connection with the horses. This very special experience is limited to six participants. Join Jocelyn and the horses at 8:30 a.m. for a hands-on experience. Mini-retreat participants will arrive for lunch.

Click here to contact us for additional discounts for more than two participants.

Click here to contact us for additional discounts for paying by etransfer.

 Custom Programs and Retreats

Jocelyn loves to support organizations and working groups in building clarity and communication through applying The Keys to Cowgirl Confidence.

Jocelyn is author of As Buck Would Have It: A Cautionary Tale of Mature Online Romance in Cowboy Country

“How could I have been so blind?”

This novel was written after Jocelyn shared dating “war stories” with her wonderful friends who had experienced similar stories of deception. Jocelyn learned she wasn’t alone in being embarrassed at her naivete. She wanted to help trusting people reduce their risk of manipulation and become less susceptible to emotional fraud.

Join our FB group for transformational discussions on building self-respect into ALL your relationships.



Events are held primarily, though not exclusively, in southern Alberta.

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