New Year, New You! The Journey to Authenticity

A one-day retreat to reset your life

Highwood Centre, High River, AB 

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Meet best-selling authors, award-winning international speakers and entertainers and phenomenal women who “walk the talk” and live life authentically and unapologetically.

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CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke of Thrive Inc.

Lee McLean

Doris Daley

Sandra Lamouche

Jane Allan

Valerie Erickson

Mona Cooley

Annette Stanwick

Jocelyn Hastie

The Beauty of Conflict

Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell of Thrive Inc.

The Beauty of Conflict

Thrive Inc. – Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell

Doris Daley

Twice voted North America’s top female cowboy poet

Jane Allan

Singer and songwriter

Sandra Lamouche

Champion Hoop Dancer, award winning Indigenous Educational Leader, speaker, artist, and writer.

Lee McLean

Best-selling author and thought leader.

Valerie G. Erickson

Award-winning speaker, trauma life-coach

Mona Cooley

Award-winning speaker, mental health professional, volunteer, entrepreneur

Annette Stanwick

Author, speaker, freedom facilitator

  • Are you done with feeling unappreciated or invisible?
  • Do you want to explore new possibilities?
  • Are you ready to live a more authentic life? One aligned with your values?

Go from people-pleaser to cowgirl confident!

Hear messages from best-selling authors, award-winning international speakers and entertainers who “walk the talk” and live life authentically and unapologetically.

This full-day retreat will take place at the Highwood Memorial Centre in High River on Saturday, January 14.

The Beauty of Conflict

Make it a weekend with an Optional Add-on VIP Day Sunday, January 15, 2023

Do you ever:

  • Play small?
  • Walk on eggshells?
  • Avoid being honest?
  • Sacrifice yourself to please others?
  • Say Yes when you want to say No

You are not alone. Many women, even in high level positions, don’t show up fully as themselves. In over 20 years of coaching, specifically women, we have found it all boils down to capacity.


In this special session, we’ll work with you much more personally, so you can get your specific questions answered. We’ll dive deep and give you a proven, step-by-step approach to stride into your true, powerful self in your day-to-day life.

Being in a marriage, a family, an organization or part of a community involves being both a ME (an authentic individual) and a WE (relational, real, contributing even opinion-ing).

Join us in this intimate, interactive, powerful, and transformational VIP Session, to help expand your capacity to show up as a full YOU!

Don’t delay! This very special offer is strictly limited to 24 participants, and spots are filling quickly.

    Learn how to build your container (body, mind, and spirt) and your capacity to show up fully as a ME in all your WE’s – at work, in your relationship, in your family, and more!

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      For persons with special needs, emotional and/or learning needs, the unique relationship with the horse leads to increased confidence, independence and self-esteem. Click here to watch JTRS in action.

      Watch this space for silent auction items coming soon. A portion of each registration also goes to JTRS. 

      Our outstanding presenters:

      Susan Clarke & CrisMarie Campbell

      Susan Clarke & CrisMarie Campbell

      Thrive, Inc.

      Thrive! Inc. was founded by MBA and Olympic rower, CrisMarie Campbell, and MA relationship coach and leadership Equus coach, Susan Clarke.

      Partners in work and life, CrisMarie and Susan have spent 20 years together helping individuals, leaders, and teams resolve difficult conflicts, create strong, thriving relationships and profitable business results. They have been featured presenters on conflict resolution, communication, teamwork, stress, and diversity and inclusion at Fortune 100 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Google, AT&T and Nationwide, as well as, at organizations such as the Gates Foundation, University of Washington Medical Center, and San Francisco Giants and many others. 

      They are the authors of The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage and The Beauty of Conflict for Couples. They also have a podcast with the same name: The Beauty of Conflict for dealing with conflict at work and at home.  Their work and expertise have been featured in notable outlets like The Today Show, NBC, and Shape, The CEO Magazine, and Corporate Board Member.

      Extend the magic with a special VIP day with Susan and CrisMarie on January 15. Experience The Joy of Conflict and set yourself up for greater self-worth and better relationships.

      Special VIP Day with Susan and CrisMarie on January 15 is limited to 24 participants.

      Get clarity as you learn to:

      • Understand what a boundary is, and what it is not
      • Learn how to settle your nervous system
      • Create productive ways to deal with the stress of conflict
      • Build your map to embody your full ME in all your WE’s: Work, Home, Community!

      Don’t delay! This very special offer is strictly limited to 24 participants, and spots are filling quickly.

      Mona Cooley

      Mona’s journey of overcoming adversity made her into a compassionate, innovative straight shooter who is on a mission to equip families with tools to thrive despite the challenges when managing mental illness or addiction in the family.

      Her insightful intuitive ability to break through family chaotic, complex situations was honed through 25+ years of lived experience, facilitating family group sessions, developing tools and teaching tools/strategies.

      With true grit, resiliency and learning from lived experience, this entrepreneur soared by turning a family crisis into a career launching Cool Family Solutions in 2008.

      The author of two books, Mona is also the recipient of the Governor General Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers 2015, a national recipients of Canadian Assoc of Mental Health Difference Makers of Canada 2017, and recipient of Holistic Earth Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 & 2022.

      Valerie G. Erickson

      Trauma Life-coach, inspirational speaker, public speaking coach

      For 20 years, Val has inspired individuals and teams to face their challenges, change the narrative, and boost their confidence. She encourages others to take that difficult first step and rise from the feelings of inadequacy and despair.

      Her quest for accountability, honesty and justice set her on an unexpected path to the truth behind trust.

      She believes, only after we walk through the darkness of our lives can we step into the light of our power.

      Jane Allan, Singer/Songwriter

      From rural Saskatchewan to the foothills of the Rockies, Jane Allan celebrates its history through her music. Family, community, and love flow through her songs.

      After years of performing in the duo Allan & Arnell, Jane has chosen to develop her own style of music and branch out on her own. Melodies and stories form a strong backbone to her music, and they bring into focus everyday images and dreams.

      An accomplished musician and vocalist, Jane has recently created her first solo EP titled ‘Maryfield’, featuring eight of her original songs produced locally and backed by some of the finest musicians in Alberta.

      Jocelyn says, “Jane is a talented singer/songwriter whose deeply personal songs have brought me to tears. Click here for one of my personal favourites.”

      Sandra Lamouche

      Sandra Lamouche is a Nehiyaw Iskwew (Cree Woman) from the Bigstone Cree Nation in Northern Alberta and married into the Piikani Nation in Southern Alberta and mother to two boys with braids. She completed her B.A. in Native American Studies from the University of Lethbridge in 2007. In 2021 she successfully defended her M.A. Thesis at Trent University, titled “Nitona Miyo Pimadisiwin (Seeking a Good Life) Through Indigenous Dance” which examines Indigenous Dance as a Social Determinant of Health and Well Being.

      Sandra is a multidisciplinary creator and storyteller; she is a Champion Hoop Dancer, award winning Indigenous Educational Leader, two-time TEDx Speaker, artist, and writer.

      Photo courtesy of Define Yourself Photography

      Annette Stanwick, BScN

      Speaker, Author, Freedom Facilitator, Coach

      & (Ret.) Health Care Executive

      Forgiveness is not just a theory for Annette Stanwick. It transformed  her life!  Her book, FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY & MIRACLE is cited as “A model for healing” and “A gift to humanity.”

      Annette’s experiences, insights, wisdom, and passion have touched hearts and lives globally.  Her real-life stories and strategies inspire, encourage and uplift, bringing healing, freedom, and peace to a vast array of audiences across North America and Africa, giving courage to people like you and me to rise above our own life obstacles and painful situations.




      Lee McLean

      Lee McLean

      Best-selling author of Horse Woman and Love & Rules

      • What is authentic living? Are you on your way now? Did you get lost or discouraged? For me, it means truth. So, what is your truth? How do you live your dream when you’re working a so-so job and you have dependents?  How do we find what it is that we were put on this earth to do? How do we reset using such things as rest and creativity?
      • What has kept you small? Fear? Sheer laziness? Overwork? Expections of others? Lack of money? Parenting? Working at a dead-end job? Wasting time? Unfortunate core decisions in the past or just bad advice?

      LEE McLEAN is a bestselling author, a ranch wife and mother, a horse trainer, stroke survivor, and one of eight women to race sidesaddle at the Calgary Stampede. The owner and operator of Keystone Equine in Alberta, Canada, Lee has earned a reputation for good storytelling to an engaged audience of over 44,000 Facebook followers. Her well-trained horses and ponies have earned such respect in the industry, that Lee guarantees their performance for one full year after purchase.

      In addition to her legion of faithful Facebook followers, along with penning a national magazine column, Lee appears at events from judging and competing in small-town horse shows to teaching at international equestrian events and clinics. Her first book, HORSE WOMAN, became a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. Her latest book, LOVE & RULES: Life Lessons Learned with Horses, is newly released and another #1 Bestseller.

      Lee resides on the family ranch in the Alberta foothills with her husband, Mike, her horses and dogs.

      Doris Daley

      Doris Daley

      Twice voted Top Female Cowboy Poet in North America

      DORIS DALEY comes from a gene pool that includes ranchers, cowboys, Mounties, good cooks, sorry team ropers, Irish stowaways, bushwhackers, liars and two-steppers: an impeccable pedigree for cowboy poetry.

      Twice named top female cowboy poet in North America, she has appeared on stages throughout Canada and the US for the past 20 years. She is a favourite at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevado and will head there once more later in January.

      Want to experience a hint of her magic? Here’s a link to her TedTalk…

      What people say about Doris:

      Book Riot magazine describes Doris Daley as “a cowboy poetry powerhouse and a great introduction into the genre.” She is also a great favourite with those already familiar with her sparkling wordsmithing and girl-next-door stage presence.

      “If cowboy poetry was fresh milk, and the cream that rises to the top was the best of the cowboy poets, then Doris Daley would be very rich and very, very fattening!” says top Elko, Nevada poet Waddie Mitchell.

      “Lots of poets can write, many can recite, but Doris writes, recites and really communicates.  Spontaneity, wit, meaningful words and a winning smile make this lady a performer you’ll always remember.”  Hugh McLennan, Kamloops, Western Broadcaster, Entertainer, and host of Spirit of the West.


      Events are held primarily, though not exclusively, in southern Alberta.

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