The Path to Courage

 A one-day retreat for women of all ages who are ready to live life more courageously.

Sheppard Family Park, High River, AB 

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Meet phenomenal speakers, entertainers and authors

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2023 Calgary Stampede Princess Sarah Lambros & First Nations Princess Alayiah Wolf Child

Amy Bishop – legendary singer/songwriter

Leela Aheer, former MLA & Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism & Status of Women

Susan Clarke of Thrive Inc. – author of Crazy, Cracked, Warm and Deep

Amy Monea & Angie Payne


Jocelyn Hastie – creator of The Cowgirl’s Code


  • Have you had enough of feeling unappreciated or invisible?
  • Do you want to know that your opinions and emotions matter? That you matter?
  • Are you ready to make a difference?

Go from people-pleaser to cowgirl confident (even if you never touch a horse or buy the boots)!

Hear messages from international speakers, acclaimed entertainers, authors and phenomenal women  “walk the talk” and live life authentically and unapologetically.

This full-day retreat will take place at the McDougall United Church in Calgary on Saturday, May 27, 2023.

Do you ever:

  • Play small?
  • Walk on eggshells?
  • Avoid being honest?
  • Sacrifice yourself to please others?
  • Say Yes when you want to say No

You are not alone. Many women, even in high level positions, don’t show up fully as themselves. 


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Supporting Local 4H Bright Futures Award

4-H offers a dynamic program whose projects encompass everything from active living, arts, science and technology, crafts, cooking, agriculture and so much more! Today’s exciting 4-H program gives urban and rural youth and adults life-long skills such as co-operation, leadership, interpersonal relations, critical thinking, decision making, organization, public speaking and community service.

We  know that healthy, active social programs that boost tactile performance and build up self-confidence while being fun and engaging can be costly or inconvenient. That is why 4-H is designed with families in mind. Parents and children of all ages can participate in age-appropriate meetings and projects at the same time. No more running in two or more directions to accommodate each child’s activities. 4-H is also affordable. Our vested interest in making sure Alberta families have a firm foundation for life means we’ve made our program financially accessible for all income levels. In fact, with our scholarships we may wind up giving you money! At 4-H, you will learn through using your head, heart hands and health:

Our outstanding presenters:

Susan Clarke

Susan Clarke

Author of Crazy, Cracked, Warm and Deep

The quest to find a solution for a terminal cancer diagnosis at 24 is how Susan Clarkes’ entrepreneurial path took root to grow. By stepping off the beaten path she began her healing journey through having difficult conversations, facing buried secrets & scars, and choosing connection over validation.

Susan learned that the key to thriving in crisis, conflict & change is in living right smack in the mess of it, and discovering the resources that lie within.

Since her cancer journey, Susan has focused on living fully in each moment & creating fulfilling relationships.

With her partner, CrisMarie Campbell, she started thrive! inc. where she is able to fulfil her passion of working with people to help them value difference, bring more of themselves to everything they do, and to see the Beauty of Conflict.

Fractals are repeating patterns in nature, which can present like chaos, but behind the chaos is a pattern. We are Fractals, and Susan through her talk, and work as an educator, therapist, coach and author wants people to know that they don’t need to be fixed, and that they aren’t broken.

Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop


Amy Bishop’s voice is a combination of smooth pavement and rough gravel, with the ability to charm listeners with her sweet tones; yet stun audiences with the ability to hit any high note.

Hailing from Calgary, Amy began her music career around campfires, at block parties, and in church choir. Knowing a career in music is no guarantee, Amy decided to practice other trades, but her passion for music prevailed, leading her to collaborations with Moby and opening for April Wine, Farmer’s Daughter, and Chris Cummings. Amy has an instinctive ability to craft stories into song and deliver them with sincerity and passion, all qualities that make her an undeniable Canadian talent.

Amy “wowed” Canada with her appearance on CTV “The Launch” in 2018. This opened up industry doors as she was quickly signed by both a booking agency and management company.  In March 2019 Amy performed at the prestigious Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto.

Leela Aheer

Leela Aheer

Former Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism & Status of Women

Leela Aheer was first elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for the Chestermere-Rocky View in 2015 and was re-elected in 2019, as the MLA for the newly formed riding of Chestermere-Strathmore.

Born in Edmonton and raised in Chestermere, where she is raising her family, Aheer is a proud wife and mother of two boys. Prior to entering politics, Aheer was a professional vocal coach and music teacher, who instructed singing in seven languages, owned and operated businesses as an entrepreneur, and was heavily involved in the arts, volunteerism, and community service.

Aheer is a passionate advocate for inclusivity and equal rights. She is dedicated to creating an Alberta that is strong and free for future generations regardless of who you are, who you love, where you come from, or to whom you pray.

Aheer served as Alberta’s Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism & Status of Women from April 30, 2019, to July 8, 2021.

Aheer served as a member of the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing, and the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship prior to the May, 2023 election.

Sarah Lambros

Sarah Lambros

2023 Calgary Stampede Princess

Sarah Lambros is from Springbank, Alberta. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Geophysics and Geology and working as a math and science Tutor. Growing up, Sarah was a dedicated Irish dancer, competing up to the international level. She began riding horses as a young girl and has experience in both Western and English disciplines. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys rock climbing, sewing, riding, and various activities in the mountains. Sarah believes that expressing your genuine self will always lead you down the right path and hopes to share this with others during her reign.

Alayiah Wolf Child

Alayiah Wolf Child

2023 Calgary Stampede First Nations Princess

Alayiah Wolf Child is a 24-year-old Blackfoot woman and a proud member of Siksika Nation. Her Blackfoot name is Massamahkoyinnimaki which roughly translates to “Long Time Thunder Pipe Woman.” Alayiah was brought up as both a Traditional and Jingle Dress dancer in the Elbow River Camp and possesses a deep love and respect for the western culture that both her grandparents loved so much.

Alayiah has always been an avid supporter of not only the Blackfoot culture but also the rich Western culture that surrounds Mohkinstsis (Calgary). As such she has made it her mission to not only teach others about the vision Guy Weadick had for Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth that we all know as the Calgary Stampede as well as to encourage each and every young girl, woman and person within Treaty 7 and Calgary that with a strong dream, hard work and determination, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Amy Monea & Angie Payne

Amy Monea & Angie Payne

Amy Monea of Heard Wellness Through Horses and Angie Payne of Equine Enrichment have been co-facilitating  healing groups, youth groups and team building experiences together for the past eight years.

Amy brings a Master’s of Social Worker degree, training in EMDR and Emotionally Focused Therapy and is registered as a Social Worker in Alberta and Saskatchewan. She is a mental health advocate in her many speaking engagements and her work is featured on a segment called “Mental Health Minute” with Frontline Farming on RFD-TV Canada. People have described her as soft yet direct, with the ability to hold deep space.

Angie’s experience includes training in Somatic Experiencing, Hypnotherapy, EAGALA, Hakomi Psychotherapy and is a Counselling Therapist registered with ACTA (The Association of Counselling Therapists of Alberta). She is a very heart forward person who spent 25 years in her previous career in corporate Calgary. It has been said “I have never felt as fully seen and heard as when I sit with you and the horses”. 

Angie and Amy are masters at designing and facilitating programs to match clients goals, needs and resources. Together they are a dynamic team combining all of their skills, experience and unique strengths.


Events are held primarily, though not exclusively, in southern Alberta.

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