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April 2022 Women’s Conference in Strathmore, AB

  • Jocelyn was thrilled to present the opening keynote to this in-person event.

Wheatland Family & Community Support Services presents

2022 Women’s Conference

Strathmore’s women’s conference keynote speaker a cowgirl at heart

Online article published in Strathmore Living

Strathmore Women's Conference returns

Article in the Strathmore Times

Strathmore Library Events

Listing of events supported by the Strathmore Library

Jocelyn is author of As Buck Would Have It: A Cautionary Tale of Mature Online Romance in Cowboy Country

“How could I have been so blind?”

This novel was written after Jocelyn shared dating “war stories” with her wonderful friends who had experienced similar stories of deception. Jocelyn learned she wasn’t alone in being embarrassed at her naivete. She wanted to help trusting people reduce their risk of manipulation and become less susceptible to emotional fraud.

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Events are held primarily, though not exclusively, in southern Alberta.

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